Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has been touted as the next game-changing innovation to evolve the technological landscape, but what does this mean for business – and specifically, your business? How can cloud computing improve the way your business runs?

Digitec has a number of cloud computing services for providing the necessary flexibility and responsiveness needed to achieve significant business value.

Cloud Computing is a full-featured, Enterprise-grade IT infrastructure that grows with your business.

Unlike a traditional IT infrastructure (in which computer hardware is physically located within the office), the hardware in a Cloud infrastructure is located off-site (in a data center). Using only a PC and an Internet connection, clients gain access to a full-featured Enterprise-grade IT infrastructure (telephony, email, files and backup, mobile messaging, and remote access), while paying only for the resources consumed.


  • Cost Savings Purchase — Companies can reduce their CAPEX and use OPEX expenditures for increasing their computing capabilities.
  • Cost Savings Infrastructure – No Need for Datacentre and the associated cost – Rental / Power / Maintenance / Specialised IT Staff / Management
  • Scalability/Flexibility— Companies can start with a small deployment and grow to a large deployment when required, and then scale back if necessary. Also, the flexibility of cloud computing allows companies to use extra resources at peak times.
  • Reliability— Services using multiple redundant sites can support business continuity and disaster recovery.
  • Maintenance — Cloud service providers do the system maintenance, and customers access this through APIs that do not require application installations onto PCs, thus further reducing maintenance requirements. This is providing growth to BOYD.
  • Mobile Accessible — Mobile workers can increase productivity due to systems accessible in an infrastructure available from anywhere.