Internet Service Provider

Once upon a time, speed, data capacity and coverage were the forces customers used to decide which ISP they were going to patronize for Internet service; now security is fast becoming the next factor for success. ISPs can increase the lifetime value of her customers by providing security protection thereby increasing revenue and impacting customer loyalty.

With cutting edge technology and three way redundancy being provided by three upstream providers Digitec has the most reliable Internet Service. We have deployed 2GB Wifi backhaul Network with 2 ms latency to avoid congestion and delay.
Our Core switch is connected to Corel sea cable O3B Satellite and C-Band VSAT which allows us to guarantee our customers 98% up time. We provide connection via PTP Wifi CPE in Port Moresby and Lae ,VSAT for other location.

Guaranteed 99% uptime on Internet service or we will refund your money "Frequent outage is thing of the past"