Software-Defined Wide Area Network or SD-WAN is a next-gen connectivity solution for your business. It replaces the bulky hardware of lease lines and dependence on multiple ISPs with a single software solution, with One Point of Contact.

  • Hosted on the cloud
  • Minimize the need for Hardware Infrastructure
  • Achieving seamless connectivity


KINAPAY is an intelligent Payroll suites that not just automates but optimizes Payroll processes end to end, boost employee engagement with connected workforce and enable business growth with strategic insights.

  • Flexible & Compatible Online Payroll Software
  • Perform tasks on Mobile
  • Seamless Integration

Cyber Security

Protect content from online piracy and safeguard online revenue streams with tools that enable you to discover, prevent, monitor, and control access. The Edge platform encompasses security solutions that surround and protect customers’ apps, APIs, sites, and infrastructure.

  • Token Authentication
  • Multiple Transport Layer Security Options
  • Enhanced Proxy Detection
  • Media Encryption


A thin client is a computer that runs from resources stored on a central server instead of a localized hard drive. Thin clients work by connecting remotely to a server-based computing environment where most applications, sensitive data, and memory, are stored.

  • Centralized IT
  • Easy manageability
  • Enhanced security
  • Improved productivity

Virtual Desktops

New workplace realities are challenging legacy assumptions about where, when and how work gets done. Location and access-device flexibility are more important than ever, while the ability to deliver productivity and security are no less essential. The public cloud is one option – but not when data sovereignty, privacy, performance or security considerations require apps and data to remain on premises.