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Managed Print Services

In today’s complex & uncertain business environment, successful enterprises are continually investing on their core competencies rather than focussing on non-core processes to attain and sustain competitive edge. The concept of outsourcing of non-core support functions has for long become a global phenomenon with every business house looking to reduce their operational costs and improve their bottom-line. 

Managed Print Services has emerged as a proven way to cut down costs associated with managing Document Output Fleet (Printers/MFPs/Copiers/Fax, etc.). An independent research by Gartner & IDC unveiled that:

  • The costs of printing and copying can be up-to 3-5% of the annual revenues of an organization.
  • Firms that actively manage their printer fleets can save up to 30% of printing costs.

We are one of the competent players in the field of Managed Print Services (Photocopying/printing/scanning/faxing/etc.) in Papua New Guinea. We have been in this industry for more than a decade with a strong customer base spanning across various industry verticals. Ours is a comprehensive offer for your entire document life cycle (production, re-production, archival) needs across the enterprise. 

In addition to Streamlining Processes, Digitec Managed Print Services can also help address the areas below:

Controlling Costs

Controlling costs related to people, process and technology throughout the document lifecycle delivers consistent, long-term savings.

Environmental Sustainability

A comprehensive model for sustainability optimization supports your green’ initiatives as part of your larger strategic corporate goals.

Information Security & Governance

Information governance mitigates costs & risk of non-compliance to secure information capital in the interest of building trust with your customers.

iWorker Productivity

Improving the availability & use of business critical information makes iWorkers more productive, fosters innovation & improves business agility.

Optimizing Information

Focusing on finding new ways to get the right information, at the right time, in the right form helps optimize the value of your information.

Managing Change

Realizing the benefits of transforming business critical document processes depends on successfully and permanently changing people’s behavior.

Strategic Infrastructure

Anticipating & aligning an organization’s infrastructure with its business objectives delivers scalability, flexibility & secures information access.

Following are the key benefits of implementing the MPS model vis-à-vis your current scenario:

Present situation Drawback Benefits of MPS Advantage
Capital Expenditure Yes Capital Expenditure Not Applicable
Interest on Capital (Opportunity lost cost) Yes Interest on Capital (Opportunity lost cost) Not Applicable
Insurance of assets Yes Insurance of assets Digitec’s a/c
Depreciation Yes Depreciation Not Applicable
Maintenance Contract Yes Maintenance Contract Structured Service Level Agreements
Spares Cost Yes Spares Cost Not Applicable
Down time Cost on the equipment Yes Down time Cost on the equipment Built-in Redundancy
Inventory Management Yes Inventory Management Not Applicable
Vendor Management Yes Vendor Management Single
Floor Space Cost Yes Floor Space Cost Right sized Printer fleet – Freed up Space
Budgeting for the Equipment Yes Budgeting for the Equipment Yes & variable


Advantages Tangible Benefits
Reduction in equipment base Right sizing for optimal utilization
Uniform Costs Printing, Copying, Faxing, Scanning
Cost Management User profiles – possible to map/administer.
Secured Printing Confidential printing/copying possible.
Secured Printing Confidential printing/copying possible.
Vendor Management Standardization with one PARTNER.
Capital Expenditure NO CAPEX REQUIRED!!!!
Fixed Price Commercials fixed for the entire tenure of the agreement.
Peace of Mind Guaranteed End-to-end Accountability – NO HIDDEN COSTS/SURPRISES!!!!