Managed Print Services

In today’s complex & uncertain business environment, successful enterprises are continually investing on their core competencies rather than focussing on non-core processes to attain and sustain competitive edge. The concept of outsourcing of non-core support functions has for long become a global phenomenon with every business house looking to reduce their operational costs and improve their bottom-line.


Managed Print Services has emerged as a proven way to cut down costs associated with managing Document Output Fleet (Printers/MFPs/Copiers/Fax, etc.). An independent research by Gartner & IDC unveiled that:

  • The costs of printing and copying can be up-to 3-5% of the annual revenues of an organization.
  • Firms that actively manage their printer fleets can save up to 30% of printing costs.


We are one of the competent players in the field of Managed Print Services (Photocopying/printing/scanning/faxing/etc.) in Papua New Guinea. We have been in this industry for more than a decade with a strong customer base spanning across various industry verticals. Ours is a comprehensive offer for your entire document life cycle (production, re-production, archival) needs across the enterprise.

In addition to Streamlining Processes, Digitec Managed Print Services can also help  address the areas below:

Following are the key benefits of implementing the MPS model vis-à-vis your current scenario:

Present situationDrawbackBenefits of MPSAdvantage
Capital ExpenditureYesCapital ExpenditureNo CAPEX
Interest on Capital (Opportunity lost cost)YesInterest on CapitalNot Applicable
Insurance of assetsYesInsurance Digitec’s a/c
DepreciationYesDepreciationNot Applicable
Maintenance ContractYesMaintenance ContractStructured Service Level Agreements
Spares CostYesSpares CostNot Applicable
Down time Cost on the equipmentYesDown time on the equipmentBuilt-in Redundancy
Inventory ManagementYesInventory ManagementNot Applicable
Vendor ManagementYes & too manyVendor ManagementSingle
Floor Space CostYesFloor Space CostRight sized Printer fleet – Freed up Space
Budgeting for the EquipmentYes & variableBudgeting for the Print related expensesFixed throughout tenure of agreement & Flexible




AdvantagesTangible Benefits
Reduction in equipment baseRight sizing for optimal utilization
Cutting Edge TechnologyDigital Platform – Networked
Uniform CostsPrinting, Copying, Faxing, Scanning
Cost ManagementUser profiles – possible to map/administer.
Secured PrintingConfidential printing/copying possible.
Vendor ManagementStandardization with one PARTNER.
Capital ExpenditureNO CAPEX REQUIRED!!!!
Fixed PriceCommercials fixed for the entire tenure of the agreement.
Peace of Mind Guaranteed End-to-end Accountability – NO HIDDEN COSTS/SURPRISES!!!!