Network & Security

Digitec  Secures your Business Visibility

Digitec in partnership with Cyberoam a Sophos Company offers revolutionary technology that protects your critical assets in the event of outbreaks. Network controls and security measures are enforced and developed to protect data and preserve privacy.

As networks have become an integral part of the ICT infrastructure, Digitec integrates superior security through simplified deployment, management and analysis. Our network and security analysts are highly certified to keep your business running efficiently and make it impenetrable.


Implement solutions to prevent data leakage via email or instant messaging and Monitor your airwaves around the clock to:

  • minimize the risk of wireless threats
  • Prevent unauthorized data from being copied to removable media
  • Ensure that your network is secured from threats from the Internet and Internal

Cyberoam offers comprehensive perimeter protection with its range of Network Security appliances (UTMs/ Next Generation Firewalls), centralized management appliances and centralized reporting solutions.

Cyberoam’s Layer 8 Identity-based policies offer complete visibility into and control over individual user activity, meeting the requirements of regulatory compliance. Cyberoam ensures Security-Productivity-Connectivity, offering protection over a range of network and WAN connectivity scenarios, including Wi-Fi, 3G, WiMAX in addition to providing IPv6-ready security.