System Integration

Digitec will customize your ICT platform to meet your business goal

Digitec brings together its diverse portfolio, certifications and partnerships to create solutions that specifically address your unique business demands. As a Systems Integrator, Digitec combines Hardware, Operating System and Application Integration to come up with solutions such as customized Point of Sales System, Hospital Management System, Payroll, and Biomatric Time Attendance System.

The real value of technology occurs when individual components process and work cohesively as an IT system. Interoperability can be a challenge as technology advances and companies grow. The result can be more applications being used by more people to connect to an endless number of customers, vendors, partners, and investors. Thus, a significant question for this could lead to: Who is the one going to manage all of these?

Where there is a successful and efficient integration strategy, there is an enterprise value.

System Integration is the bringing together of the component subsystems into one system and ensuring that the subsystems function together as a system. In Information Technology, Systems Integration is the process of linking together different computing systems and software applications physically or functionally. The systems integrator brings together discrete systems utilizing a variety of techniques such as hardware software solutions, computer networking, enterprise application integration, or other solutions infrastructures.

Digitec uses its unique technological strengths to propose and implement the IT environments that fulfils customer requirement.

Digitec has been forefront in Systems Integration through a variety of systems that incorporate data center infrastructure, networking & security, virtualization, cloud computing, and application integration from backbone and information systems, to collaboration and infrastructure systems. We use various enterprise packages to provide the optimal IT environment for each customer. These powerful technology suites, that only Digitec can offer end-to-end, are at the leading edge of what organizations and businesses want and expect from a solutions provider.